Eilersen – Hygienic Load Cells and Weighing Solutions

Hygienic load cell with baseplate
Hygienic load cell with baseplate
EtherNet weighing module
EtherNet weighing module
Eilersen Weighing Indicator
Eilersen Weighing Indicator

Established in 1969, Danish and Swiss engineering group Eilersen specializes in supplying weighing solutions to food and pharmaceutical customers worldwide based on a broad range of high-quality, robust digital load cells.

This digital load cell technology features a number of advantages and cost savings compared with other technologies used in load cells for process weighing. The Eilersen hygienic weighing solutions have made a big impact on the industry with installations in more than 85 countries worldwide.

The solutions are based on the robust Eilersen load cells which are high quality products manufactured in stainless steeland hermetically sealed to IP68 by laser welding. They are hygienic and feature high specifications, outstanding reliability,simple mechanical and electrical installation and minimal maintenance for use in tough and demanding industrial environments.

Eilersen digital load cells are based on a capacitive measurement principle whereby a robust ceramic sensor is mounted inside the load cell body. Because the load cells contain no moving parts and the ceramic sensor is not in contact with the load cell body, the load cells tolerate very high overloads, side loads and torsion.

Advantages of Eilersen Load Cells

The Eilersen load cells are very robust (tolerance of up to 1000% overload) and are designed for simple and hygienic installation.

The load cells are installed without the use of expensive and complicated mounting kits, eliminating bacteria traps to ensure the highest hygiene standards. This also eliminates the need for maintenance, which in turn reduces the total cost of ownership.

The robust Eilersen digital load cells are supplied pre-calibrated to very high accuracies, so reducing commissioning costs. Furthermore, the load cell calibrationis not dependent on the cable length which may be up to 100 meters long, so the installation is true 'plug and play'.

Eilersen load cells are available with Profibus DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, Modbus ASCII/RTU, RS485/422,RS232, 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC interfaces, and can be supplied in OIML and ATEX certified versions.

Industrial Weighing

Eilersen also offers an extensive range of solutions and components for industrial weighing. These include weighing indicators with LED and LCD displays, modular weighing instrumentation with interface to PLC and PC, weighing application software, and robust floor and platform scales in stainless steel.

Eilersen has vast experience in weighing solutions for tank installations, vessels and silos with installations at many of the leading food processing companies worldwide. The enterprising company also supplies weighing components for conveyer belts and graders in food processing environments.

The most common applications include production lines for processing of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, where the robustness, high accuracy and no maintenance of the Eilersen technology is highly rated by users. Furthermore, Eilersen components are suitable for use at freezing temperatures below -40°C.

Eilersen also supplies weighing components and customized instrumentation for checkweighers, graders, belt scales and catchweighers.

Customized Solutions

The company offers customized scales with direct interface to factory automation systems via EtherCAT, Profibus DP,DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, ModbusASCII/RTU, RS485/422, RS232, 4-20mA and 0-10VDC interfaces.

The scales are produced in stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316L and are characterized by their high accuracy and overload tolerance as the scales are based on Eilersen digital load cells. The scales are made to meet precise customer specifications and are available in capacities up to 4 tons.

Eilersen has a long track record through more than 35 years of supplying leading food and drink processors worldwide across all sectors, and its dedication to technology, quality, and service hasled to a very high level of customer loyalty.


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