Introduction to the Eilersen Capacitive Load Cell Technology

Process weighing with Eilersen robust load cell
Process weighing with Eilersen robust load cell
Eilersen Weighing Indicator
Eilersen Weighing Indicator
Hygienic load cell with baseplate
Hygienic load cell with baseplate

Modern industrial processes are digitally controlled but the majority of sensors for measuring force and weight are still transmitting analog signals (voltage or current). There are obvious benefits in generating digital signals directly from the sensors in relation to ease of integration, implementation, use, and maintenance.

world-wide patented capacitive measuring principle

Eilersen develops, produces and sells such sensors with a direct digital output based on a world-wide patented capacitive measuring principle. In all Eilersen load cells, a ceramic sensor for measuring capacitance is used to convert the applied force or load into a digital signal.

The load cell calibration data is stored inside the load cell and a built-in temperature measurement circuit enables active temperature compensation.

Very small deflection

The Eilersen load cells are characterised by a very small deflection at rated capacity (less than 0.15 mm) which is a significant advantage e.g. dynamic weighing applications where a fast response is important or process vessel installations where influence from process tubing is minimized.

Exceptional precision and stability

The high sensitivity of the Eilersen load cells, which is about 20% at nominal load (a strain gage sensor has about 0.2%), is amongst other things responsible for the exceptional precision and stability of the load cells.

The calibration data of the load cell is stored in a built-in memory. Normally no adjustment is required either at commissioning or in the event a load cell is replaced.

The Eilersen load cells contain no moving parts and do not include any organic material (bonding) which can age or become brittle at low temperatures. This guarantees a maintenance free use under the most difficult environmental conditions for long periods of time.

No maintenance weighing system

Furthermore, a weighing system with Eilersen capacitive load cells requires no maintenance as there are no mounting and protection devices to adjust and keep clean and no fuses, gaskets, bearings etc. to change.

Thanks to the intelligent measurement principle a permanent self-check is possible with simple means. In the event of failure e.g. if a cable is cut then the Eilersen digital load cells will send an error code for fast and easy trouble shooting.

Complex made simple

For processing and transmission of measuring data, as well as for other more complex measuring and regulating features, Eilersen offers suitable modular electronics, weighing terminals and software.

The Eilersen components combined result in a complete weight or force-measuring system with outstanding measuring performance.