Shockproof Load Cells in Bench and Platform Scales

Bench Scale with Digital Load Cell from Eilersen
Bench Scale with Digital Load Cell from Eilersen

When high accuracy levels of measurement are required in tough environments with low to high shock loads, you can rely on Eilersen shockproof load cells in bench scales, to effortlessly accomplish the task at hand. Designed and manufactured from the ground up with the ability to withstand harsh conditions such as hard use, heavy vibrations, daily wash down or problem areas that generally see lots of corrosion.

Digital advantages

Using digital Eilersen load cells for scales has several advantages. One of the most significant for scale applications with several load cells is that electronic off-center load compensation is easy to implement.

And this procedure will only take a few minutes if one of the Eilersen weighing terminals is used: A known weight is applied to each corner of the scale platform and any mechanical off-center load error resulting from uneven loading of the load cells is automatically compensated. By comparison, off-center compensation can often take hours and in some cases require hardware modifications if analog strain gage load cells are used.

Furthermore, the Eilersen digital load cells feature integrated diagnostics enabling defective load cells to be quickly identified.

OIML and ATEX certified displays

To suit all applications the digital bench scales can be fitted with a wide variety of digital OIML and ATEX certified displays and weighing terminals. Alternatively they can be connected to a range of digital output modules with Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus or 4-20mA communication.

Eilersen bench scales

The bench scales, fitted with digital load cells, are available with weighing capacity ranging from 1 kg up to 1.000 kg with high resolutions. The scales are built to specific to customer requirements to fit perfectly within the desired dimensions.

Hermetically sealed to IP68 provides an extra layer of protection when used in tough environments or to cope with the unknown which would normally affect such systems adversely.

Up to 1000% overload

With load cell shock level tolerances of up to 1000% overload, the bench scales can withstand and operate in almost all situations, both regular and the unforeseen. In addition the long cable length, up to 100m ensures you can fit the system where you need it most and keep the digital outputs in optimum locations.

The digital bench scales can also be manufactured with automatic compensation for seaway or regular vibrations allowing them to be used in irregular environments such as Ships or Boats in offshore situations.

Stainless steel or anodized aluminum

The standard bench scale comes with a stainless steel frame or anodized aluminum 2024 parts which can be high pressure cleaned.

When your process needs an accurate, efficient and simple to install bench scale with high shock tolerance take a look at the Eilersen Bench or Platform Scales based on the unique Eilersen capacitive digital load cells.